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NAKOVANA HISTORICAL SITE TOURIST TOUR – queen Teuta lost treasure quest trail !!!

– oldest village on Pelješac

– oldest Zodiac in Europe

– place where torpedo was born

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Hiking map of Mt. Elijah


Through the hamlets of Viganj

You can reach Viganj, 7 km from Orebić, by a seaside road. On the east part of Viganj, on cape the St. Liberan, there is a small 16th century chapel of the same name. About 150 m west of St. Liberan the road splits and leads to Dol hamlet.

From Dol the walk path passes by several abandoned hamlets. From hamlets Sokolovo and Dumovići you can climb to Sućuraj (367 m). Few minutes from Dumovići there is St. Michael’s parish church. built in the first half of 18th century. This baroque church possesses several artifacts from domestic and foreign artists.

From Dumovići tha trail leads west by Podac and six more halmets up untill Basin. From Basina trail leads to St. John’s church from the first half of 17th century that makes the most western point of the Pelješac riviera.

Nakovana – illyrian trail

Gornja and Donja Nakovana are the oldest settlements in this part of Pelješac. Various objects found there prove that human lived here since the stone age. You can reach them by road from Viganj, 6 – 7 km away.

If you want to get there on foot, you must take the old path. The climb starts at the church Our Lady of Rozarijo in the Viganj town center. This church was a part of the 17th century baroque monastery. Hiking trail leads north by St. Michael’s church through hamlets Dumovići and Podac till you reach junction to Nakovana.

You reach Gornja Nakovana, today completely abandoned, in about an hour. To Donja Nakovana there is about 1 km more. Halfway between these two settlements, on the northern side there is a 14th century romano-gothic church.

On the south side of the road, at a distance of about 200 m, there is steep hill called nazvana Grad, that represents the richest finding site of usable objects from the bronze and iron age.

Mt. Elijah view - Photo by Budin

St. Ilija mountain

Pelješac mountain range, with it’s highest peak St. Ilija (961 m) is the most attractive part of Pelješac for hikers. You can climb to the top in about 2 hours from one of the four available directions:

  1. from Urkunići, 200 m east of Ruskovići
  2. from Gurići, about 800 m north of the Franciscan monastery
  3. from Bilopolje, 1 km west of the Franciscan monastery
  4. from Gornja Nakovana, 6 km northwest of Viganj


Bicycle sport enthusiasts will have exceptional conditions to enjoy bicycle riding through beautiful natural surroundings


There is a perfect platform for paragliders just above Viganj on the road for Nakovana.