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Viganj is a well-known European wind surfing spot. Since it is situated in the middle of a narrow canal between Korčula and Pelješac and under the hill of St Elias, the wind tends to blow twice as fast as it usually does in the Adriatic. The usual speed of the afternoon Maestral is 5 and it reaches the speed of 8 Beauforts.

At Waterdonkey windsurfing school you will always find a team of high qualified teachers. The courses are organized in a special way and at a personal level. The result is a very intensive lesson in which our beginners can reach a good technical level in only 4 days.

Along with windsurf kitesurfing become a popular sport in Viganj. watch the video


Croatia, a Mediterranean country blessed with a thousand islands, crystal clear sea and architectural heritage that spans through millennia, is one of the most attractive sailing destinations in the world. This sailing retreat offers an incredible variety of choices to sailors – from relaxing in remote island villages to experiencing the bustle of modern seaports. In Viganj, or Korčula you can rent a sail yacht and enjoy in the crystal clear sea water, sailing among the islands of Pelješac-Korčula channel.

Useful information for sail skippers

Approach: Landmarks: the buildings of holiday centre on the lowlying Sv Liberan promontory, the monastery and the belfry in the village.

Mooring: Yachts of light and medium draught can moor on both sides of the small pier or along the village jetty using the four-point moor (depths 1.94.2 m). The best anchorage ground for deeper drawing yachts is situated SW of the monastery (depths 20 28 m). It is sheltered from the sirocco but exposed to W winds and the bora.

Facilities: Provisions and water.



In Viganj you can rent a boat and take a fishing tour at night, or join an experienced local fishermen in his boat.

General information about fishing in Croatia

Before going fishing it is necessary to obtain a license. In order to get a license, one should show his I.D. (passport, driver’s license etc.) Licenses are issued by fishing clubs,tourist agencies and offices in all towns along the coast.

Licenses are issued for recreational angling, underwater gun fishing, hand trolling, long lining and tuna fishing.

Prices of licenses vary according to whether you want a daily, weekly or monthly license.


1. Fishing tackle

  • fishing-line, in all up to two (2) pieces, with three (3) hooks on each rod at the most,
  • fishing line with lead weight, in all up to two (2) pieces, with three (3) hooks on each line at the most,
  • fishing-line for trailing or hand-trolling, in all up to two (2) pieces, with three (3) hooks on each hand-roll at the most,
  • fishing-line with a hook for catching cephalopods, in all up to two (2) pieces,

2. Spear-fishing gun

  • spear-fishing gun, in all up to two (2) pieces.


Fish (Pisces):

  • Two-banded bream (Diplodus vulgaris) 15 cm
  • Needlefish (Tetrapturus belone) 120 cm
  • Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) 120 cm
  • Eel (Anguilla anguilla) 30 cm
  • Black umber (Sciaena umbra) 30 cm
  • Grouper (Epinephelus marginatus) 60 cm
  • Gilthead (Sparus aurata) 20 cm
  • Sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) 25 cm
  • Striped bream (Lithognathus mormyrus) 20 cm
  • Spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias) 65 cm
  • Sheepshead bream (Diplodus puntazzo) 22 cm
  • White bream (Diplodus sargus) 21 cm
  • Grouper (Scorpaena scrofa) 25 cm
  • Bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) 70 cm
  • Conger eel (Conger conger) 70 cm
  • Dentex (Dentex dentex) 30 cm

Mollusks (Bivalia):

  • Common mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) 5 cm
  • Scallop (Pecten jacobaeus) 9 cm
  • Oyster (Ostrea edulils) 6 cm
  • Striped Venus (Venus gallina) 2, 5 cm
  • Grooved Carpet Shell (Ruditapes decussatus) 2, 5 cm
  • Ark shell (Arca noae) 5 cm
  • Wart Venus (Venus verrucosa) 3 cm

Crabs (Crustacea):

  • Spider crab (Maja squinado) 10 cm



Visit the wonders of underwater, like the ancient ships and mysterious buildings

There is a diving club in Viganj were you can ask for a divers card and information.

Usefull information

Diving is permitted only provided that a person holds a valid diver’s card issued by the Croatian Diving Federation (CDF).

A diver’s card is valid for a year as of the date of issue and is issued only to divers with a valid diver’s brevet issued by one of the international diving associations.

Areas of underwater activity must be clearly marked by a blue and white flag, diving by a red and white flag or some circular marker buoy (in diameter larger than 30 cm) of orange or red colour. The flags must be fixed to a floating buoy placed in the centre of the area where the activity is taking place.

On those parts of the coastal sea that are not forbidden zones the citizens of the Republic of Croatia can dive with diving equipment and do underwater photography without restriction if they are members of a society or a club for this activity recognized by the Croatian Association for Underwater Activities and Sport Fishing in the Sea and provided that they have the necessary diving qualifications. Persons of foreign nationality may obtain permits from the state bodies responsible.

Diving with equipment is permitted in the Croatian territorial sea from sunrise to sunset.

The highest permitted depth of diving for sports and recreation on air is 40 meters

The above underwater activities are forbidden in: specially designated zones; in ports and harbours open to public traffic and on the sea-routes normally used for such traffic; 300 m around any naval vessel; in naval harbours and in zones marked as military objects and forbidden for diving of any kind.

Detailed information abut the exact location of forbidden zones, esp. coordinates and the boundaries of the zones, can be obtained at all harbour master’s offices or their branch offices.

Legal entities failing to comply with the Regulations on Underwater Activities shall be fined with Kuna 3,000 to 15,000, and individuals shall be subject to Kuna 1,000 to 5,000 as well as an immediate fine of Kuna 500.00.

Maritime Search and Rescue Service: 9155 (DAN), VHF channels 16, 10, 74

Pula barochamber –

  • phone/fax: ++385 (0) 52 217 877, 24 572,
  • mob. 098/255 945 098/255 945 ,
  • mob. 098/219 225 098/219 225

Split barochamber – IPM HRM,

  • phone: ++385 (0) 21 354 511
  • phone: ++385 (0) 21 354 511
  • phone/fax: ++385 091/546 13 13,
  • mob. 099/475 095
  • mob. 099/475 095